Psalm 91 is a promise of God’s
Protection. It is a powerful prayer
for Divine protection to decree
and to declare over our lives,
families and friends.

It reassures us that God is our
protector, our refuge and fortress,

Our God, in whom we Trust. 

When we decree, we cause the
truths of the heavenly realm to
be manifest into the natural realm
so they become our daily reality. 

Declarations on the other hand are
what we speak into the atmosphere
making known what we already have possession of in Christ.

Scripture reassures us that all the
promises of God are Yes and Amen
in Christ Jesus. 

I would like to encourage us all to take
the time to read Psalm 91:1-16 and to
stand on it in faith for encouragement, 
strength and protection during these
tough times. 

Let us pray for believers and for people
in general all over the World for God’s
Divine Protection and Covering.

God Bless